Click on an element in the Periodic Table below to see elements in my collection. Hover over elements to see which ones are available.

Note that some of these are naturally occuring (mineral specimens) and some are processed.

Elements linked: Ag, Al, Ar, As, Au, B, Be, Bi, C*, Ca, Co, Cr, Cu, Dy, Er, Eu, Fe, Ga, Ge, Gd, H, He, Hf, Hg, Ho, I, In, Ir, K, Kr, Li, Lu, Mg, N, Na, Ne, Ni, O, Os, P, Pb, Pt, Ra, S**, Sb, Sc, Se, Si, Sm, Sn, Te, Ti, Tl, Tm, V, Xe, Y, Yb, Zn.


  • C* – Linked to diamond and graphite.
  • S** – Linked to sulphur and rosickyite.

Elements in progress: Ba, Br, Cd, Ce, Cl, Cs, F, La, Mn, Mo, Nb, Nd, Pd, Pr, Rb, Re, Rh, Ru, Sr, Ta, Tb, W, Zr.