4599 Melkovite, U-Mo occurrence, Shunak Mts, Kazakhstan

Melkovite, U-Mo occurrence, Shunak Mts, Mointy Railway Station, Mointy, Balkhash Region, Karagandy Province, Kazakhstan. Type Locality. Certified (microprobe analyzed) sulfur-yellow melkovite, a rare hydrous Ca-Fe phosphate-molybdate, known only from the single locality in the world. Associated minerals are represented by dark-violet (almost black) fluorite, feldspars, hematite and very minor and microscopic admixtures of other molybdates – iriginite, fibrous ferrimolybdite and unnamed hydrous molybdate of zirconium. The specimen came from the ex-collection of standards of Larisa N. Belova (larisaite). The specimen was obtained from authors via Pavel Kartashov. Apparently this is the part of the material of the single find in 1963. Photo by Pavel Kartashov.