5754 Biraite-(Ce), Hydroxylbastnasite-(Ce), Strontianite, Aragonite, Calcite, Cordylite-(Ce), Cordylite-(La), Niobochevkinite-(Ce), Ferriallanite-(Ce), Talc, Thorite, Daqingshanite-(Ce), Daqingshanite-(La), Ancylite-(Ce), Ancylite-(La), Kukharenkoite-(Ce), Carbocernaite, Cordilitovaya carbonatite vein, Ust’-Biraya deposit, Vitim Plateau, Eastern Siberia, Russia

Extremely rich 8x7x2mm specimen containing abundant inclusions (red arrowed) of brown biraite-(Ce) – an extremely rare silico-carbonate of REE. Biraite contains microscopic inclusions of hydroxylbastnasite-(Ce) and intergrows with its more yellow macro grains well recognisable...

5384 Calcite, Chenzhou, Hunan Province, China

Yellow calcite with bluish-white fluorescence (Convoy) and a green afterglow that takes a few seconds to fade. Colours are not exact in photo (iPhone). Also, compared to the many many calcite specimens from Chenzhou in...

4571 Silver, Almería, Spain

A small mass of silver crystals. Exact locality is unknown. Ex Bob Rothenberg. Ex Al Pribula. Width of view 2.33mm. Stack of 50 images. Click on the image below for a higher resolution version.

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