1025 Beryl (Emerald), No location (man-made)

Eight magnificent micro synthetic emerald cyrstals of 1 to 2 mm are mounted on a round white apparently plastic disk that’s affixed to a round cork pedestal. The pedestal extends from the bottom of a...

3514 Cobaltkoritnigite, Erythrite, Weilite, Hörnesite, Picropharmacolite, Sainfeldite, Ore dumps, Richelsdorf Smelter, Süß, Nentershausen, Hersfeld-Rotenburg, Kassel Region, Hesse, Germany

Purple cobaltkoritnigite, pink erythrite balls, thin bladed prismatic silky white hörnesite, pale pink sainfeldite, white weilite, and silky white sprays of picropharmacolite. Type Locality for picropharmacolite. Width of view 7.75mm. Stack of 36 images. Click...

4095 Wulfenite, Mežica, Slovenia

Brown wulfenite crystals, some with hoppered faces. Ex Diederik Visser 6/2005. Width of view 3.5mm. Stack of 30 images. Click on the image below for a higher resolution version.