4633 Whitmoreite, Strunzite, Rockbridgeite, Siderite, Palermo No. 1 Mine, Groton, Grafton Co., New Hampshire, USA

Type Locality. Named for Robert (Bob) William Whitmore, a mineral collector and previous owner of the Palermo No.1 mine. This specimen was part of a Micromount mineral collection purchased from the estate of Anne-Marie Scholz Deal of New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Anne-Marie Scholz Deal initialed her Micromounts as A.M. Munger. This was an older Micromount collection with all specimens that were dated had dates prior to 1982. This specimen was originally acquired from Palermo Mine owner Robert (Bob) W. Whitmore (date unknown). This specimen was mounted on black cardstock/paper in it’s original Micromount case but had become dislodged in transit. It has been remounted with a note and this catalogue number placed inside the original box.