5665 Mongolite, Dorozhnyi pegmatite, Khan Bogdo Massif, Mongolia

Particles of HOLOTYPE material of Mongolite – extremely rare niobo-silicate known only in two localities worldwide. Sample comes from ex-collection of Dr. E.I. Semenov (Semenovite-(Ce)) obtained by him from the author of the mineral Dr. M.D. Dorfman (Dorfmanite). According to personal communication (2012) of the coauthor of the mineral Dr. N.V. Vladykin (Vladykinite) the place of location of this pegmatite for the moment is covered by 5-6-meter thick layer of aeolian dunes. This is active desert – Gobi its name! So receiving of new material from the locality is extremely problematic in nearest future.

Pavel Kartashov photo (colour adjusted).

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