2191 Beryl, Sellaite, Quartz, Fluorite, Mt Bischoff, Waratah, Tasmania

Terminated crystals of blue beryl with colourless crystals of sellaite and quartz. Fluorite was picked up by fluorescence under longwave ultraviolet. A yellow-orange fluorescence may be non-crystalline sellaite. In the fluorescent photos, there are also a couple of greenish areas. This is unknown.

Beryl, pinkish fluorite, yellow sellaite(?), unknown greenish fluorescence. Photo width 10mm.
Blue beryl, colourless sellaite crystal towards bottom right, colourless fluorite bottom half, colourless quartz top middle. Photo width 9mm.
Pinkish fluorite, yellow sellaite(?), unknown green fluorescence top left. Blue is beryl, just transmitted light, not fluorescence. Photo width 10mm.
Terminated blue beryl crystals. Photo width 9mm.
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