ncat ANK F48 Fluorite, Dolomite, Pyrite, Bluffton Stone Company Quarry, Bluffton, Richland Township, Allen Co., Ohio, USA

Purple fluorite tabular crystals (one axis is shorter than the other two) with very tiny modifications on the corners (modified by the trapezohedron). Colourless to greyish white dolomite crystals (matrix is a dolostone). Tiny pyrite crystals on fluorite. Ex Noel and Ann Kennon Collection #F48. Acquired from Pete Richards in 2007. Width of view 11.5mm. Stack of 125 images (white light). Stack of 25 images (longwave UV).

Use the slider on the photo below to compare the white light and UV images. Click here for a higher resolution version.

[twenty20 img1=”18923″ img2=”18924″ before=”Longwave UV” after=”White Light”]