5805 A2980 523marps Fluorite, Chlorite, Magnetite, Albite, Pyrophanite, Natrolite(?), Big Rock Quarry (3M Quarry), Little Rock, Pulaski County, Arkansas, USA

Tiny purple octahedral fluorite crystalson albite with greenish chlorite, white prismatic crystals of natrolite(?), colourless quartz, and brown pyrophanite. Also on specimen magnetite, Ex Art Smith Collection (collected in 1979). Width of view 11.5mm. Stack of 57 images.

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When I am taking my photos, I tether to my computer and have a live view of each shot. This is using Canon’s Digital Photo Professional 4 software.

One of the things it allows you to do is magnify the live view by 5x or 10x. So I used the 5x and focussed in on this fluorite crystal, and then used the Microsoft Snipping Tool to grab a screen shot.

So this is a single shot image. The fluorite measures about 0.038mm.