ncat JP2-24-2 A2127 Cuprite, Connellite, Brochantite, Marshite, Smithsonite, Calcite, Block 14 Opencut, Broken Hill, Broken Hill district, Yancowinna Co., New South Wales

An aesthetic and really interesting specimen. Four well-formed cuprite crystals with tiny green brochantite crystals and blue connellite puffballs, sitting on a bed of white smithsonite stained by goethite. Then under longwave UV, you can see a couple of light red fluorescing calcite crystals, and small areas of tiny marshite crystals. These fluoresce bright red. There is a row of marshite crystals on the top of the cuprite in the photo, just out of sight. Width of view 14.5mm. Stack of 110 images.

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