ncat JP2311 Garnet Group, Epidote, Thomsonite-Ca, Loanhead Quarry, Beith, North Ayrshire, Scotland, UK

Aggregate of white thin bladed crystals of thomsonite with thin plates of epidote. The garnet is labelled as grossular but is very dark, and could have a significant andradite component. First photo: Width of view 9mm. Stack of 75 images. Second photo: Height of view 3mm. Stack of 40 images. Third photo: Width of view 6mm. Stack of 38 images.

A. Livingstone (2018) states that both grossular and andradite occur (Low-temperature, hydrothermal garnet associated with zeolites, from basalt lavas near Beith, Ayrshire. Mineralogical Magazine, Volume 53 Issue 369). So analysis would be required to differentiate.

In the third photo, there are crystals that look like heulandite, or stilbite (bottom left), but stilbite has not been recorded here as far as is known.

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