nct JR4 Micrometeorites, Zircon, Alluvial gold mine, Carapooee, Northern Grampians Shire, Victoria

A selection of some of a lot of 29 micrometeorites hand sorted by the late Judy Rowe from alluvial concentrates. Judy hand sorted anatase, zircon, maghemite, and other minerals. One of the micrometeorites (just above centre) looks like a Death Star!

Also, in this small selection, there is a tiny transparent yellow mineral (top). I’d like to think this is a small diamond (yellow diamond is known from the deposit, but is extremely rare), and the lustre looks right. But too small to really confirm it! UPDATE: It fluoresces orange, so is likely a zircon.

Width of view 6mm. Stack of 70 images.

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