5590 Bayleyite, Almandine, Hideout Mine (Hideout No. 1 Mine), Deer Flat, White Canyon, White Canyon District, San Juan Co., Utah, USA

Ex Al Wilkins. Labelled simply bayleyite but I can’t find any distinct material. Some of the matrix is made up of garnet crystals, the garnet from here being almandine. So I can put that on the label. But then it gets harder. There are at least three or four other species present. The yellow “puffball” and the greenish-yellow crystals. Both are very likely to be uranium-bearing species. The greenish-yellow crystals fluoresce green quite strongly (maybe schröckingerite, purely based on the colour compared to the other recorded uranium species from the locality) but the yellow “puffball” does not appear to fluoresce (it’s apparent glowing is probably just reflecting the second mineral’s fluorescence). The orange fluorescence is most likely to be sphalerite. There are also colourless/white crystals that are likely to be gypsum. Width of view 6mm. Stack of 46 images (white light), and 24 UV.

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