March 2018

4599 Melkovite, U-Mo occurrence, Shunak Mts, Kazakhstan

Melkovite, U-Mo occurrence, Shunak Mts, Mointy Railway Station, Mointy, Balkhash Region, Karagandy Province, Kazakhstan. Type Locality. Certified (microprobe analyzed) sulfur-yellow melkovite, a rare hydrous Ca-Fe phosphate-molybdate, known only from the single locality in the world....

10069 Rhodochrosite, Moanda Mine, Moanda, Gabon

Tiny reddish brown scalenohedral crystals of rhodochrosite scattered on manganite-mudstone, Moanda Mine, Moanda, Léboumbi-Leyou Department, Haut-Ogooué Province, Gabon. Ex A.G. Moss Collection, number 962 (with label and card).