ncat EA6 Fluorapatite, Muscovite, Fluorite, Aberfoyle Mine, Rossarden mining district, Northern Midlands municipality, Tasmania

A lot happening on this specimen. In the white light photo, you can see tabular pale blue hexagonal fluorapatite crystals with muscovite mica, and brown areas appear to be goethite coating cassiterite. In the longwave UV photo, the apatite crystals are pink zoned with a hint of orange. There is also fluorite present (blue fluorescence) and, towards the bottom left, there is a small area of dark red fluorescence from an unknown mineral. The clay also glows green, possibly due to uranyl ions being present. In the shortwave UV photo, the apatite fluoresces yellow. There is a tiny hint of pink at the top. Width of view 17.25mm. Stack of 40 (white light), 20 (longwave), and 10 (shortwave) images.

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White light